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“The number of laws is constantly growing in all countries and,
owing to this, what is called crime is very often not a crime at all,
for it contains no element of violence or harm.”
– P. D. Ouspensky
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In This Issue:

1. Is there a thief in your home?
2. How to be affordably prepared, Just in case tools
3. Zombie Defense Solutions – video
4. Free online courses from MIT, Steps toward Self Sufficiency

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My Christmas gift to my subscribers…Home Prepping Database Program (Note: This is a slow download for some, up to 10 minutes)

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The Tax Man Cometh-Late
Although we have long advised folks to NOT use electronic filing of income taxes with the IRS for personal security and privacy reasons, keep in mind this year’s shutdown has pushed back the start of filing season to somewhere between January 28 and Feb 4th. Delays in updating their computer programs (so they can begin monitoring citizens more closely for Obamacare)…if you’re getting a refund, it means you are giving Uncle Scam a tax-free loan. Better to adjust your withholding. Learn more about estimating how many allowances you should claim by visiting the tax withholding calculator at

Grab These 8 Individual Tax Breaks Expiring Year End 2013
In its 2013 Year-End Tax Planning Special Report, tax publisher CCH, a Wolters Kluwer business, lists these sunsetting “ tax extenders” and says that taxpayers should consider acting now, before year-end 2013, whenever possible, to take advantage of these breaks. “Whether Congress will extend them again is questionable,” the report says.

The Poor Man has been experiencing another round of technical challenges. Nearly all of our free downloads are hosted by Microsoft’s Skydrive Cloud and for reasons unknown, all of the folders containing ebooks and reports have vanished from our site…since restored thanks in part to our tech lady, Tammy of

I spend too much time addressing tech challenges and while doing so, ran across this little gem…a good choice for the password challenged and it’s highly secure, easy to use and it is FREE. Check out, a free download for Windows and Mac PCs and most smart phones and tablets.

Finally, this interesting tidbit…The BBC has a story this week about a police raid on a man firing a shotgun that led to his death. Unfortunately, in the United States, that is all too common a story. However, there was one fact in the story that stood out: this was the first such killing by police in the recorded history of Iceland…

Your muckraker at large, Bruce `the Poor Man’

Prepare Now,
Survive Later!


Back in stock…You can’t buy life insurance after you’re dead-Did you know that you’re 8 times more likely to be the victim of a violent home invasion than you are to have your house catch on fire? Get our home defense CD and Basic pistol training DVD now…one of our most popular programs.

Ultimate Food Canning/Preserving PDFs & Video Tutorials

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